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These works are made in earthenware with slip casting as the main production method. This has allowed me to produce limited shape, batch production runs and individually decorated 'one-offs'. Mainly classical in form, my influences are predominately European; architectural motifs, the Bloomsbury Group's Omega Workshop, old English pottery, Memphis and Wedgewood have been a source of inspiration in particular. Having always had a deep respect for the European classical tradition, my work has explored the application of contemporary features in conjunction

- with classically inspired shapes. Since moving to NZ, I have also incorporated ideas that respond to my adoptive Pacific country.

The examples shown here range between 19 and 37 centimetres in height. For more details, please click on the work and to see a larger view.

All pieces are hand signed. For personal orders and more information please contact me directly via the contact page. Photography by Geoff Ball.

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